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Friday, July 23, 2010

Anorexia: The Cruel Disease That Will Take Over Anyone's Life

Ever since we can begin to imagine, Anorexia has been around for a very long time. This disease that confuses, those who are under its influence to believe, that they are something they aren't is finally beginning to display the (pic courtesy of inside edition)horror it has always been engaged in. Just yesterday, Jeremy Gillitzer (38) lost the battle to anorexia and died, weighing only 66 pounds. No one can explain this ex-male model's behaivor, but it is said that one day he just shut himself off from the world, secluded himself "from his family and starved himself to death." The effects of Anorexia are no longer in just female individuals. Sometimes people may criticize those who starve themselves instead of figuring out a way to help the individual in need. Jeremy Gillitzer is one of many people who have died of Anorexia. May peace be with them.

Dear World,

If we all stopped judging eachother and just accepted each individual for who they were the world would be a better place. Who cares if we are different. Difference is what makes us special, difference is what can change the world.



  1. you are fat, stop making excuses fatty.

    get skinny.

    1. I hope you're just trolling and not actually pro-anorexia.

      This girl is so pretty to me!

      Thank you for writing this blog. Anorexia and bulimia are horrifying disorders and should NOT be looked at with admiration.

  2. Anonymous

    Stop being a negative little b****, I bet you wouldn't go up to Linda in person and say that, stop hiding behind your own imperfections and insecurities and start living in the real world, being racist, sexist and just plain rude will get you absolutely no-where and earn you nothing.
    For what it's worth, no-one respects your comment and I definitely don't respect you.
    Get a life in the real world and grow some balls coward.

    Naomi - Not afraid to stand up for what I believe in

  3. he was cute idk why he thought he needed to loss weight